West March's Point Beach Enhancement

Project Period: 2010

The West March’s Point Beach Nourishment Project was accomplished in collaboration with the Northwest Straits Foundation and the Skagit River System Cooperative and in cooperation with Tesoro, who owns the property. Skagit Restoration Initiative funds paid for 1,850 tons of sand and gravel to be placed in selected locations at West March’s Point as part of a larger project designed to restore sediment transport beach processes and enhance forage fish spawning habitat in the Fidalgo Bay nearshore. Volunteers collected pre- and post-construction data of forage fish spawning usage.

Skagit Restoration Initiative (SRI) funding is administered in a partnership between the Skagit Marine Resources Committee and the Northwest Straits Foundation. SRI funds are designated for projects that restore the shoreline, nearshore, or marine resources of Fidalgo Bay or Padilla Bay.


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