Drift Cell Analysis & Restoration Prioritization for North Fidalgo Island, North Skagit Bay, and March's Point

Project Period: 2007-2010

The purpose of this study was to provide a coastal geomorphic assessment and restoration prioritization of Skagit County marine shorelines. This included mapping the current and historic geomorphic character of the drift cells within the study areas. The results of the assessments were then applied to developing restoration opportunities aimed at restoration/enhancement of the nearshore habitats found along the shores of the study areas.

In the future, specific project-level geomorphic assessments from these reports can be used for development of detailed designs for high-ranking restoration or enhancement opportunities.

Click here to read the full reports:

North Fidalgo Island Geomorphic Assessment & Drift Cell Restoration Prioritization

March Point Geomorphic Assessment and Drift Cell Restoration Prioritization

Deception Pass to Skagit River Delta Geomorphic Assessment & Drift Cell Restoration Prioritization


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