MRC-Salish Sea School Intern

Project Years (2022 - Present)

MRC Project Lead:  Pete Haase

The Skagit County Marine Resources Committee works in collaboration with the Salish Sea Salish School to help support the STaRS Program (Students Training as Research Scientists) to recruit and mentor an intern to lead a Forage Fish STaRS project. The goal is to help youth gain confidence in the scientific process, inspire future careers in science, obtain relevant experience, and learn how to become good stewards.

2022 was the first year of this pilot program. The student (and intern) completed a monthly 2-hour forage fish egg survey on a local beach on Fidalgo Island over a period of 9 months to determine the times of years and conditions that are ideal for forage fish spawning. This provided an excellent opportunity for the intern to guide their student through designing a research project, collecting field data, conducting data analysis, and presenting their results. STaRS student presentations are available on YouTube:

If you are interested in participating in a STaRS program, please visit the link below for more information: The Salish Sea School - STaRS Program.




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