Volunteer Opportunity: Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

January 25, 2022

Wolf Hollow is a non-profit organization located on San Juan Island in Northwest Washington State, serving all of San Juan and Skagit Counties and northern Whidbey Island.

Interested in Volunteering with Wolf Hollow? They can organize a training for Skagit volunteers. Due to Wolf Hollow's location on San Juan Island, their staff is not able to quickly respond to animal calls on other islands and the mainland, so they have a network of volunteers who help by assessing the condition of animals, catching them if necessary and transporting them to Wolf Hollow. Some of these volunteers deal directly with the animals, while others are pilots or boat owners who are willing to transport animals to or from San Juan Island.

Give Wolf Hollow a call at 360-378-5000 or email wolfhollow@wolfhollowwildlife.org. They’d like to hear from you and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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