Friends of Skagit Beaches 14th Annual Winter Lecture Series

March 15, 2019

Join the Friends of Skagit Beaches each month (Jan-April) for an evening of discovery. Lectures highlight the fascinating life in and around the shoreline and marine ecosystem. The lectures are free and open to all ages. 7pm-8:30pm. NWESD Bldg, 1601 R Ave, Anacortes. For more information please visit:


March 15, 2019 

fosb march lecture

Puget Sound Mussel Monitoring:

Long-term Active Biological Monitoring of Nearshore Contaminants

Presenter: Jennifer Lanksbury, Wildlife Biologist, 
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Learn how mussels (Mytilus edulis) are being studied as pollutant monitors through collaborative efforts among conservation groups, citizen science volunteers, and government partners.

Toxic contaminants are entering the nearshore food web of the Puget Sound, especially along shorelines adjacent to highly urbanized areas. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife together with the Stormwater Monitoring Program and numerous citizen science volunteer group partners, conducts biennial nearshore contaminant monitoring using caged mussels as an indicator species. This presentation will share the results of two rounds of mussel monitoring in the Puget Sound and detail how conservation organizations, citizen science volunteers, and government partners have worked together to make this cooperative monitoring program a success.


April 12, 2019

fosb april lecture

Plankton of the Land:

Mosses, lichens, and fungi in Pacific Northwest forests

Presenter: Kem Luther, PhD; Naturalist and Author, 
Vancouver Island, BC

Plankton are the foundation of life in the ocean. Is there an analogy in terrestrial ecosystems? Yes there is! In the Pacific Northwest, the foundation of terrestrial ecosystems is the “Stegnon”, the layer of organic life just above, within, and below the soil of the forest floor. Here in the Stegnon, mosses, lichens, and fungi play an important role in forest ecosystems. Naturalist and science author Dr. Kem Luther’s presentation will look at the environmental services these inhabitants of the Stegnon provide as they process and convert organic matter into nutrients in a form useable by other organisms.


 FOSB Winter Lecture Series

A Valentine's Celebration with the Skagit Land Trust

February 14, 2019
Birds of Winter Swanrise
A Valentine’s Celebration with the Skagit Land Trust!
February 16, 2019, 6:45am to 9:30am at Barney Lake.

Did you know that swans are monogamous and often mate for life?

Come celebrate these lovebirds as we venture close to their overnight haven at Barney Lake, and watch as they fly off into the sunrise. In order to catch the fly-over, we are meeting at 6:45 am (early bird gets the worm).

Many other birds winter at Barney Lake and bald eagles nest along the shore, so be sure to bring your binoculars!
We will provide some spotting scopes, as well as some hot beverages for the cold morning. Rubber boots are recommended. Parking is difficult onsite, so we will meet at the Skagit Valley Softball Fields parking lot on Martin Road and carpool from there.

This event is limited, so please RSVP. We are capping it at twenty people, then will start a waitlist. You will receive an email within a day after registration confirming your RSVP:


Fidalgo Bay Carstens Stewardship

February 2, 2019

Fidalgo Bay Carstens Stewardship
February 2, 2019

Come join Skagit Land Trust and lend a hand in the conservation and preservation of the Fidalgo Bay shoreline! This small parcel contains a mixed ecosystem of upland trees and shrubs as well as marine foraging and nesting habitats. From the site there is abundant bird watching. You can often see herons, hummingbirds, ducks, sandpipers and other waterfowl. Often otters are seen swimming in Fidalgo Bay from here, as well as deer wandering on the property. The shoreline is used by dungeness crab, pacific herring, and hardshell clams. At this event we will be pulling ivy from the sloping area down to the water. We will then be spreading seed and planting native shrubs to try and reclaim these areas from the ivy.

For more information and to RSVP please visit

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