Geology of Fidalgo Island by Scott Petersen

May 5, 2020
Tuesday Talk

Friends of Skagit Beaches in collaboration with
the Anacortes Public Library present:

Geology of Fidalgo Island by Scott Petersen
May 5, 2020 at 7 pm
Join us on Zoom (details below)

Fidalgo Island has a fascinating geologic history that includes rocks from deep in the crust, volcanoes, and sediments that were deposited in the deep ocean. We will discuss these features as well as fundamentals of plate tectonics and how our island fits into the complex geology of northwest Washington. Scott will identify locations on the island where you can hunt for evidence of the geologic history he presents.
Presenter Scott Petersen has done extensive academic field and laboratory work in complex geologic areas. Most of his career was spent in environmental remediation. He holds a Ph.D. in geology and geochemistry.

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