Padilla Bay History

December 3, 2016

Two Part Series- Padilla Bay History with Glen "Alex" Alexander


Did you miss November 8th's History of Padilla Bay? Don't miss out on Alex's next presentation...


Saturday, December 3rd 10-11:30am at Padilla Bay. Diking the Delta: Can you imagine what the Skagit River Delta must have looked like 150 years ago? Forests clogged with huge, ancient trees. Wide expanses of marsh and swamp laced with a maze of sloughs and channels and flushed by the rise and fall of the river and ocean. There was a log jam completely covering the Skagit River so thick and ancient there was a forest growing on it. Wild ducks and salmon so numerous . . ., well, you’ve heard the descriptions of walking across the river on the backs of salmon and birds blocking out the sun. In 1863 a man who worked in the lumber mills and boatyards of Utsalady crossed to the mainland, climbed a tree on Pleasant Ridge and looked out over the wild tangle of the Skagit Delta. Seven years later the amount of money earned from 40 acres of diked farmland hit the newspapers back east like a gold rush. Before 1900 the entire delta was diked and drained. Glen Alexander, Education Coordinator at Padilla Bay Reserve, will provide some of the flavor of what it was like for those early pioneers and reflect on the future.

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